Upcoming: Reviews of Edward Hallet Carr’s “The Twenty Years’ Crisis, 1919-1939: An Introduction to the Study of International Relations”


Soon, on a regular basis, I will post reviews of Edward Hallet Carr’s book titled, “The Twenty Years Crisis, 1919 – 1939: An Introduction to the Study of International Relations.” This book speaks to my heart and answer my curiosity about the nature of international relations. It is more comprehensible compare to any other books on the topic that I have ever came across. Learning international relations has never been fun, thanks to how important ideas about the subject were dazzlingly addressed and arranged in this book.

E. H. Carr was not only a prolific writer, astute academician, and a Russian expert, but he was also a practitioner of the subject as well. The reviews will serve as notes on how I understand Carr’s arguments and ideas of international relations. There is no better way to record your thoughts than to write it down.

In the upcoming weeks, I will start by making reviews of Chapters and sub-Chapters respectively. The review will be structured into several parts. It will discuss, definitely, his ideas and my ‘guess’ about the context and backgrounds that triggered his intellectual curiosity. I will also augment it with analysis on contemporary events using his perspectives on international relations. Sometimes, I will make necessary assessments of Indonesia’s foreign policy using Carr’s framework.

This is a personal quest and I hope this would become a very fun exercise. At the same time, I hope my reviews would be beneficial for anyone interested with international relations and happened to come across this blog.

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