A Tale about a Capitalist and Liberal Society … That Delivers …

Sometime, it’s just so striking to me that while I am surfing in between the reading materials, I am taken by fascination that even during their war against terror, the US are really wrestle with how to make sure that rule of law are respected. I couldn’t think of such struggle in Indonesia, even in post-Soeharto’s era. This affirmed my convictions about how central it is the idea of individual liberty and freedom and individual dignity as reflected in the jurisprudences and writings in the legal culture and thinking of the American society.

What are the foundational pillars, thoughts, culture that brought them as they are known today? I am wondering if the US which is purported as a capitalist society, where individual freedom and dignity are well preserved and protected, could really be an example of a modern 21st Century society? Ukraine and Venezuela are both a very fresh and recent example that well exemplified how good governance, public participation, democracy, human rights, transparency are altogether formed the critical fabric of society. It seems inevitable that these forces would soon tear down any wall or bricks that impede people from realizing their rights and the fruits of freedom, rules of law, and democracy.

The transference of awareness and ‘news’ about human dignity, good governance, rule of laws, democracy had absolutely triggered society to demand more authority in decisions that affect their life. In Ukraine and Venezuela, the protesters had made their case crystal-clear, that corrupt, ineffective, out of sight government is not welcome and people is ready to take them down by any ways and means whatsoever.

Would Ukraine and Venezuela in turmoil if their government officials and policies were not plagued by corruption and other dishonest practices?

I can sense that the first quarter of the 21st Century may perhaps drawn by these inevitable forces of fight against tyranny and struggle for a transparent, accountable, and for a government that can ensure and provide rules of law.

Isn’t it always the case?

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