Ukraine: A Quest of Strategic and Economic Spheres of Influence?

My first posting on the new established blog of Bebas Aktif!

Bebas Aktif

to know a nation’s geography was to know its foreign policy” (Napoleon)

“in order to understand a political issue, it is not enough (as it would be in the case of a technical or a legal issue) to know what the point at issue is. It is necessary also to know between whom it has arisen” (E. H. Carr)

only statesmen who can do their political and strategic thinking in terms of a round earth and a three-dimensional warfare can save their countries from being outmaneuvered on distant flanks. With air power supplementing sea power and mobility again the essence of warfare, no region of the globe is too distant to be without strategic significance, too remote to be neglected in the calculations of power politics” (Nicholas J. Spykman)

“the first lesson of the student of international politics must learn and never forget is that the complexities…

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